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Thyroid Nodules (Single or Multi-Nodular Goitre)

Thyroid Nodules are lumps in the Thyroid Gland.  In most cases nodules will be benign. However 1 in 10 may be malignant (cancerous). Nodules may be either a “Single Nodule” or in clusters, often referred to as “Multi-Nodular Goitre". Thyroid Nodules may not cause symptoms, however nodules can cause pain in the throat area, swelling, a cough, or difficulty swallowing or breathing.

Nodules are usually unnoticeable, unless symptoms and signs develop, or the nodule(s) enlarge.  They are usually soft and fleshy to feel. A Multi-Nodular Goitre is usually the result of iodine deficiency or a genetic familial disorder but may also be caused by Hashimoto’s or Graves’ Diseases.  

All nodules are diagnosed by Thyroid Ultrasound. Nodules need to be monitored regularly by thyroid ultrasound and thyroid function tests and consultation with a Thyroid Endocrinologist to ensure changes are monitored and treatment prescribed if necessary. Further tests may include regular Thyroid Ultrasounds, Biopsy, CT Scanning and Pathology.

Your Endocrinologist may refer you to an Endocrine Surgeon for further evaluation and surgery if needed.

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