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The Australian Thyroid Foundation is a member based, not for profit organisation with charity status.

All ATF staff and medical advisors are volunteers who give their time to help ATF members diagnosed with a thyroid disorder through the many member services available. Medical Advisors are recognised as world leaders in thyroid disorders and connected medical officers who provide medical research, diagnostic and treatment outcomes for the benefit of ATF members.

You can help too, by partnering with The ATF, through corporate sponsorship, becoming a member, making a donation, leaving a bequest, holding a fundraiser, purchasing a Gold Bow or other ATF merchandise or volunteering some time. All Australians will benefit by raising awareness of the consequences of thyroid disorders and iodine deficiency through an ATF National Educational Program.  Your company/business can help can help make this a reality. “The Importance of Good Thyroid Health and How to Achieve it” through all lifestages, including pregnant women being aware of how their thyroid health can impact on the pregnancy and foetal development. The ATF needs your financial support to reach out to the Australian Community with this message to raise awareness.

Your company/business will benefit from providing corporate financial support and receiving direct labelling and product recognition through the ATF National Educational Program. Therefore everyone benefits.


Please email: info@thyroidfoundation.com.au for more information, or phone: (02) 9890 6962 and ask for Beverley Garside.


Please help The ATF to make a difference through making all Australians aware.


Ways to Support The ATF

Partner With Us

As the Australian Consumer Advocacy Organisation for Thyroid Disorders and Iodine Deficiency, The ATF’s commitment to ongoing education and awareness programs throughout Australia is paramount. Your company can help by partnering with The ATF to educate the Australian community about the Benefits of Good Thyroid Health, which will benefit future generations of Australians for many years to come by improving thyroid health outcomes.


Become A Member

If you or a member of your family has a thyroid disorder The ATF can offer education and support through the many membership services available. In turn your membership fees go towards the ATF improving services for you and others. JOIN NOW


The Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd., greatly apppreciate all donations large and small. Your generous donation goes towards helping you and other members like you achieve Good Thyroid Health. All donations make a difference and The ATF could not continue to provide all it's member services and awareness progams without donations.


If The ATF has helped you, your family or friends, and you believe as we do, the ATF is an essential service for thyroid patients, providing a Bequest will help the ATF continue into the future. The ATF’s commitment to continuing to provide educational and support services for members and raise awareness about thyroid disorders and iodine deficiency throughout Australia is paramount.

Organise A Fundraiser

A  fundraiser is a great opportunity to connect with others, whilst raising money for the ATF. Organise a Big Breakfast event with your family, friends or work colleagues or a Gold Bow Day event at your workplace, with the ATF’s help. Or, perhaps something else! Maybe a fundraiser dinner! Let us know what you would like to do and we will help you to organise it.

Shop Online

Purchase Gold Bows or Green Badges, ATF Pen by visiting our On-Line Shop. All money from the sale of Gold Bows, Green Badges and other merchandise go towards supporting ATF members and raising awareness about the benefits of Good Thyroid Health. Make a purchase now.


There are many ways you can help The ATF. Members of The ATF are encouraged to volunteer their skills or some time. If you have a particular skill or talent, providing advice or a service to the ATF will be recognised through membership services. Members are invited to join The ATF Board and be part of the decision making process of the organisation.

Awareness Events

The Australian Thyroid Foundation is proud to support the community through a series of key events. Show your support as well by participating in a range of exciting activities.

Make a Donation

You can help The Australian Thyroid Foundation continue to deliver support to the community by making a donation today.

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Start a Fundraiser

Interested in holding your own fundraising event? Speak to us today about how you can help support the ATF.

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