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Pregnancy & Thyroid

If you are considering pregnancy, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important your thyroid function is tested, monitored and treated if necessary and your daily intake of iodine is essential for the brain development of your baby.

Australian research shows 50% of pregnant women are iodine deficient, which can affect the development of the foetal brain and lead to lower intelligence and learning difficulties.

The Australian Thyroid Foundation recommends you take a specifically-formulated daily pregnancy supplement containing at least 150 micrograms of iodine. Also replace the salt you use with iodised salt, to ensure you get adequate iodine in your daily diet.

The Australian Thyroid Foundation also recommends you speak to your doctor about the importance of testing and monitoring your thyroid hormone levels. A healthy Thyroid hormone level is essential for the development of the foetus and sustaining pregnancy.

Latest research states, ADHD and Autism can be a result of iodine deficiency and low thyroid hormone levels in the pregnant women.

Safeguard your pregnancy and baby's development. Speak to your GP or obstetrician about the benefits of Iodine Supplementation and Good Thyroid Health.


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