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The ATF BiG Breakfast/Brunch


The official date for the ATF BiG Breakfast/Brunch is Tuesday 20th October, 2015.


If you would like to host an event on this day or anytime during October, please CLICK HERE.

Why hold a BiG Breakfast/Brunch?

The ATF BiG Breakfast/Brunch is an important fundraiser for the ATF. Without fundraisers to support the ATF, the organisation would not be able to provide as many member services and reach out to Australians with awareness messaging. You may like to vary the time of your event from a ‘BiG Breakfast to a ‘BiG Brunch’ whichever is more convenient. Organise the right time for you, so you can enjoy the event with your work colleagues, friends or family!

THE ATF BiG Breakfast/Brunch Health Message

The Australian Thyroid Foundation wants all Australians to be aware of this event and the importance of the message!

A healthy thyroid gland needs iodine to produce thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body’s metabolism and feeds every cell in the body energy levels.  Without these hormones the body will suffer and your overall health will be affected.  The Thyroid Gland is part of the body’s endocrine system and therefore other hormones in the body can be affected as well, if your thyroid hormone production is in question. Research shows Australia and New Zealand are affected by iodine deficiency, which means our soils and food supply no longer naturally contain enough iodine.  Therefore we all need to ensure we include iodine enriched foods in our daily diet. Women contemplating pregnancy, pregnant women or lactating women need 250 mcgs of iodine daily to protect the developing foetus and newborn. In particular the pregnancy and the newborn's brain development. A daily pregnancy supplement including at least 150 mcgs of iodine is essential during this time.

The National Health Ministers Research Committee (NHMRC) recommended in February 2011 that all pregnant and lactating women ingest a daily pregnancy supplement, including at least 150 mcgs of iodine.

CLICK HERE to read the NHMRS Statement.


  • Newborns and Children need to ingest between 90 mcgs and 120 mcgs of iodine daily.
  • Adults need to ingest 150 mcgs of iodine daily.
  • The ATF BiG Breakfast/Brunch raises awareness about the importance of an iodine enriched diet for all life stages and supplementation for women during childbearing years (pre-pregnancy, pregnant and lactating)

BiG Breakfast Lunch/Brunch Menu Ideas

Iodine Enriched Food Suggestions: Marine Seafood, Bread - is now fortified with iodised salt, Dairy Milk, Dairy Products, Eggs, and Foods Containing Iodised Salt.  Preparing a menu containing these foods will give your guests an understanding of how to include iodine enriched foods in their daily diet to support Good Thyroid Health.

Fundraise To Support The ATF

Money raised at your event from raffles, door prizes, door entry etc. will help the ATF continue to support our members and raise much needed awareness Australia wide about the importance of an Iodine Enriched Diet and Good Thyroid Health.

BiG Breakfast/Brunch Host Pack

The ATF will provide all BiG Breakfast/Brunch Hosts with a template for Invitations, ATF Apron, ATF Fact Sheets and ATF Educational Brochures. The ATF will also send you a report to return, so we can include your event on our website with please take photos of the day to be attached to your report.

Directions on where to bank donations will also be provided.

Where to hold your BiG Breakfast/Brunch

Choose a venue which is convenient for you and where it will be a lot of fun for guests! You could hold your event in a local community hall, your office or workplace or your home to name a few ideas.  Remember to make sure you have kitchen facilities available and hold the event somewhere your guests will enjoy.


After my daughter Ruby was born in October 2008 with Congenital Hypothyroidism, I joined The ATF.  Last year I decided to hold a BiG Breakfast/Brunch event to support the ATF.  I wanted to raise awareness of this disorder and money for the organisation.


The day arrived!  My mum, mother-in-law, aunties and cousins all helped by making delicious food.  We held the event in the local community hall and somehow the event went from a BiG Breakfast to a BiG Brunch!


Family and friends generously donated prizes for the raffle.  We charged $10.00 for entry and the raffle tickets were $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.  We had approximately 20 prizes which made it fun because so many people went home with a prize.
Most of the people who attended were connected in some way and others were friends of friends.  I think the day was extremely successful.  We raised $1675.00 which was fantastic considering I had set out to try and raise $500.00.


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