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As the Australian Consumer Advocacy Organisation for Thyroid Disorders and Iodine Deficiency, The ATF’s commitment to ongoing education and awareness programs throughout Australia is paramount. Your company can help by partnering with The ATF to educate the Australian community about the Benefits of Good Thyroid Health, which will benefit future generations of Australians for many years to come by improving thyroid health outcomes.

The health benefits to all Australians through raising awareness of thyroid disorders and iodine deficiency through an ATF National Educational Program is how you can help. By providing corporate sponsorship, your company or business can assist The ATF achieves it’s goal and in turn promote your business.

Your company will benefit from providing corporate financial sponsorship by receiving company labelling and recognition, with a national reach, through the ATF National Educational Program. Therefore your company and the ATF will both benefit from partnering. Thyroid Disorders and Iodine Deficiency are on the increase, with 1 in 7 Australians affected by some form of thyroid disorder, including Thyroid Cancer.

At least 50% of children, pregnant and lactating women are iodine deficient. Without an adequate daily intake of iodine, the thyroid gland will not make enough thyroid hormones. Adequate Thyroid hormones are essential during pregnancy and lactating to ensure the brain development of the foetus and new born is not affected. This deficiency can affect the brain development of the foetus and newborn with children unable to reach their full potential.

With your help, The ATF will launch a National Educational Program to ensure all Australians are aware of the importance of The ATF Good Thyroid Health messages. We look forward to discussing the many different opportunities available to work together in ensuring the ATF achieves it’s goal, the Australian community is educated about the Benefits of Good Thyroid Health and your sponsorship is recognised nationally.


Contact The Australian Thyroid Foundation at info@thyroidfoundation.org.au or +61 2 9890 6962.


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