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Thyroid facts


When you want to discuss hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease

  • My mother and grandmother were both diagnosed with a thyroid disorder – Hashimoto’s Disease.  Knowing I have a family history, what tests do I need to determine if I also have a thyroid disorder or Hashimoto’s Disease?
  • I have been experiencing hypothyroid symptoms, I am cold, putting on weight, my hair is falling out and I am constipated and now I am getting depressed. I would like to determine or eliminate if my symptoms are because I have a thyroid disorder. 
  • What tests do I need to ensure my symptoms are not thyroid symptoms?
  • What treatments are available if I do have hypothyroidism?
  • As my blood tests show my thyroid function levels are low, what treatment will I be prescribed?
  • Why is this medication prescribed for me?
  • How long do I need to stay on this medication?
  • Is this medication safe to take with other medications, vitamins and supplements and over the counter medications?
  • How often will I need to have a pathology test to check if I am taking enough medication?
  • Do I need to be reviewed or treated by a specialist?
  • What specialist treats thyroid disorders?
  • What side effects do I need to be aware of whilst taking this medication?
  • If I experience side effects what should I do and who should I contact?
  • What do I need to know, if I want to consider pregnancy whilst taking this medication?

When you want to discuss hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease

  • Many members of my family have thyroid disorders and I think I may also
  • I sweat a lot, can’t sleep, am experiencing heart palpitations, losing weight and have diarrhea, could this be due to an overact thyroid condition, as I don’t feel well?
  • My eyes are starry and starting to protrude and they water a lot, is that thyroid as well?
  • What tests do I need to know if it is a thyroid condition?
  • What thyroid condition could it be?
  • What treatment would I need?
  • How long would I need to be on the treatment?
  • Can this condition be fixed with treatment?
  • If the treatment doesn’t work is there any other permanent treatment that will fix it?
  • Do I need to be treated by a specialist?
  • What specialist would I see?
  • Will I get well when I have treatment?
  • Is there any other ongoing treatment I will need if I have a permanent treatment?
  • Will my eye symptoms fix itself if my thyroid is treated?
  • Do I need to have regular check-ups and blood tests?

When you have lumps, pain, swelling etc. in your neck around your thyroid gland

  • I have trouble breathing and swallowing and my neck feels sore and lumpy, can I please have a Thyroid Ultrasound to see if it is caused due to my thyroid gland?
  • I wake up coughing and have pain in my neck
  • After I have a Thyroid Ultrasound what happens next if there is something wrong with my thyroid gland?
  • Do I need to see a specialist?
  • What specialist would I see?
  • Can this be fixed or do I need surgery?
  • How do surgeons operate on the thyroid gland?
  • What type of surgeon should I see?
  • If the lumps are thyroid cancer, what type of treatment will I need?
  • Do I need to take medication after the surgery?
  • How long would I need to take medication?
  • Do I need regular blood tests if I am taking medication?
  • Will I be OK if I have surgery and is there anything I need to know about managing my condition?

Remember if you have any questions you would like to discuss with the ATF Team, please email: and we can provide information which can also assist when you discuss symptoms, changes with your thyroid gland, medications and treatment options with your doctor.



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The mission of The Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd (ATF) is to offer support, information and education to members and their families through the many services provided by The ATF and raise awareness about health consequences of iodine deficiency and the benefits of good thyroid health.

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