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The latest news, media releases and stories from the Australian Thyroid Foundation

‘Listen to Professor Stan Sidhu – Endocrine Surgeon – ATF Medical Advisor, speak to Steve Price – Health Matters on 2GB Radio about The Thyroid and Thyroid Cancer’

‘ATF Medical Advisor, Clinical Associate Professor Mark Sywak speaks to Jasmin Noone – SBS Online about Graves’ Disease.’

‘ATF CEO Beverley Garside and Principal Medical Advisor, Professor Creswell Eastman speak to Yasmin Noone – SBS Online about Hashimoto’s Disease.’

‘ATF Medical Advisor Professor Bruce Robinson spoke with Alex Sloan and Caroline Salisbury – The Fit Dietitian on 666 ABC Radio Canberra about All Things Thyroid, during Thyroid Awareness Month 2016.’

Thyroid Cancer Radio CSA - 45 Seconds

Thyroid and Pregnancy CSA - 45 Seconds

Hypothyroid Hashimotos Disease CSA - 45 Seconds

Hyperthyroid Graves Disease CSA - 45 Seconds

Thyroid risks on the risk